Motivation is our core element for training, instuction & learning. Have you ever tried to answer yourself these questions?

Since more than 10 years, our kids are growing up with new media (Internet, mobile devices, online games in teams, social web, web 2.0).

Thus is why they are called "digital natives".

If you as a teacher / lecturer do not know the hobbies & everyday life of your kids, suddenly there will be no bridge to the ever growing gap.

You then are not able any more to motivate them...


Examples for motivation sources:

Up to date: Process theory of motivation & content theory of motivation:

  • Model of Porter and Lawler
  • Bandura, A. (1991). Self-Regulation of Motivation Through Anticipatory and Self-Reactive Mechanisms
  • Concept of Steven Reiss with Theory of 16 Basic Desires
  • Maslow's hierarchy of needs

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